What Students Say About

Santa Fe Improv

Photo by Charlotte Jusinski, SF Reporter

Photo by Charlotte Jusinski, SF Reporter


Transforming Lives Through Change!

Every class is a profound adventure in being human.


“Santa Fe Improv is the equivalent of a creative workout session and Kate Chavez is an excellent trainer. She loosens you up and pushes you to into areas of growth. Kate creates an environment of ‘professional play’ that is a refreshing release from the stifling constraints of the daily grind. I always finish class bubbling with spontaneous creativity and open and receptive to the world around me.

Brett Becker, Film & TV

Scott is the best kind of teacher:  involved with all his students from beginners on, bursting with energy and enthusiasm, all with never-flagging creativity. Best of all, he didn’t even put me up to writing this blurb:  it’s my actual experience!

Ardis Burst, Teacher

“I loved working with Kate Chavez! She created a safe, fun place to hone my performing skills and take chances on improvisational forms that were new to me. It was both freeing and very disciplined. Teamwork, listening, and creating a structure were emphasized as the foundation for letting your creative mind soar! These are skills that can be applied to any performing art.”

Jennifer Graves, Actor

“When I was learning Robin‘s name during the first day of beginning improv, I mentally associated him with Batman. Turns out – it is the perfect association. Robin facilitates growth so easily that the depth of his perceptive teaching may not be fully appreciated until looking back you say Kapow! Robin possesses the superpower of ego-free presence.”

Kirste P.

“The Santa Fe Improv program is a wonderful way to learn, practice and perform improv. Furthermore, the lessons are based on such solid fundamentals that go beyond improv & comedy and into improving overall ability with creative thinking.”

Patrick Webb, Mainframe IT Specialist

“Who knew that in just 24 weeks, I could have loads more confidence, increased listening and recall skills, think better under pressure, get a handle on public speaking and quit smoking! I just wanted to flex my comedic funny bone, but now I see that Santa Fe Improv is the cosmic “Roto-Rooter” to my dysfunctional Self.”

Andrea Schnietz, Massage Therapist

“Kate brings so much energy to every class, its infectious, if the groups mood is subdued at the beginning of the session she knows how to ramp up each individual and gain their full participation and focus. The methods used in the Improv class remove the ego from the players and concentrates on the subject a true testament to the extensive teaching skills Kate has acquired over the years to keep everyone on track.

David Wharram

“Working with the teachers and the players has been an exciting challenge, and now I’m in love with improv! Along the way I’ve learned to take more risks away from the classroom and to make better choices ‘in the moment’ in critical situations.”

Mike Wall, Scientist