Passionate about sharing the opportunities improvisation offers, the Santa Fe School of Improv is now reaching out to the community through our nonprofit umbrella: Santa Fe Performing Arts Collaboration.


Santa Fe Improv provides classes, workshops, performance opportunities, professional development, and youth summer camps. Since 2009 we've worked with teachers, students, scientists, writers, retirees, and more, teaching the games and exercises that support communication, collaboration, and courage. Santa Fe Improv operates under the nonprofit umbrella of Santa Fe Performing Arts Collaboration (SFPAC).

Thank you for your donation

And, of course, we can’t do this without your help! Donations will make it possible for us to expand our programming into the schools and greater community.

Why is this valuable to our community?

Mindfulness on its feet

Improvisation helps us ground ourselves in the present, facilitating the opportunity to be in touch with our highest intelligence, our hearts, our creativity, and our own truth, moment-by-moment.


As teachers and mentors, we are fastidious in our support of the trust and courage it takes to step in front of others and devise a story through the mechanism of “yes, and...” We do this because we know it makes a difference to be present for each other and to respond in the affirmative at every opportunity. We do this because even though improvisation is fun and based on games, we know that the focus on close listening and collaborative teamwork quietly infuses the rest of our lives, creating the opportunity for change on a personal, professional, and community level.


Improv gives young people that critical opportunity to gain confidence in the uniqueness of their own voice, to work together, to play and laugh together, to communicate clearly, to be present in the moment for themselves and their team, to be courageous, creative, and truthful. Improv offers that rare opportunity for kids to move past the fear of being wrong or judged and into a place of personal strength and trust. And they’ll be up on their feet and moving while doing so, keeping them not only creatively but physically active.



SFPAC intends to make a difference, one person at a time, by providing a place where individual creativity, laughter, and community needs are equally important.


SFPAC teaches improvisation and other performance skills to create change through play. We focus on values of courage, deep listening and teamwork. We support mindful communication, creativity and critical thinking skills, providing an opportunity for personal growth and enhanced community connections.


  • To provide teens and adults the skills to develop stronger communication skills.

  • To support the development of presence in the moment.

  • To provide an opportunity to develop greater skills in collaboration and teamwork.


SFPAC’s Board of Directors

John Cullinan

Tim Terell

Sunny Martinez

Pamela Thompson

Mark Bourke

Executive Director: Kita Mehaffy