Ben Taxy founded Santa Fe Improv in 2009 and served as Artistic Director until 2018. He is a graduate of Harvard University and former writer for Family Guy. Ben lives with his family in Portland, OR. You can find him at bentaxy.com.


Since 2009, Santa Fe Improv has been teaching improv to actors and writers, artists and scientists, students, therapists, lawyers, teachers, retirees, entrepreneurs, and more. Housed in various locations, Santa Fe Improv waxed and waned as Ben Taxy, improviser, teacher, and writer, found his legs as a small business owner in Santa Fe. In 2017, he committed to the idea that improv was something that everyone needed, not just for fun, but for the courage, teamwork and listening that would support the individual in their quest for change. SFI rapidly grew to three then four ongoing classes.

Then life, as life can do, suddenly pulled Ben and his family to the west coast.

In January of 2019, Kita Mehaffy procured the business, morphing it quickly into a school (Santa Fe School of Improv), initiating ongoing performances, and working towards the nonprofit status that would give SFI the opportunity to serve the community at large.

As Kita works to insure that improvisation is here to stay in Santa Fe, Ben continues to work in the field in Portland.

Ben Taxy, Founder, Artistic Director Emeritus

Ben Taxy, Founder, Artistic Director Emeritus