Integrating an Improv Workshop into your conference or retreat can be an invaluable way to crack through those barriers of competition or hierarchy and relieve the intensity of information-driven content.

Improv is equally valuable for long-standing corporate groups, committees, or partnerships.

In the latter case, it provides an infusion of fun to remind colleagues they can work just as effectively and efficiently as a team through open and direct communication as they can through interactions calcified over time. Used as a breakout session in a conference, it provides an opportunity to relax into a new professional relationship by opening up, communicating freely, and having fun together.

In either case, improv will give your group an opportunity to relax and bond through the laughter and playfulness of the games and exercises we introduce in a short period of time.

Improv can be used to set a positive tone for a one-time event or help shift and shake-up an ingrained pattern of collegial relationships.


  • Improv develops effective communication through a focus on deep listening and a response that reflects that presence of mind.

  • It fosters an attitude of openness and trust through the use of “yes, and.”

  • As Jesse Scinto says in a Forbes leadership online article, Why Improv Training is Great Business Training: “It’s really about the infrastructure of communicating and connecting.” This lowers anxiety and elevates the chances of effective teamwork.


  • Improv helps your sales professionals develop the ability to connect, empathize, and react quickly in a variety of sales situations.

  • It develops more spontaneous creativity delivered with confidence.

  • It fosters the idea that each presentation has innate value—providing food for brainstorming sessions—whether usable as is or not.


  • Improv will help your executive team to connect and communicate more clearly through sharp, relevant, honest dialogue.

  • The development of the skills that make one a confident improviser are directly aligned with those that make a confident manager and leader.

Our methodology is immersive and experiential (no slideshows or handouts). We provide a safe, fun environment and teach a step-by-step improv technique that is simple to learn and apply. The result will be a unique, enjoyable, collaborative and directly applicable.

Our instructors have worked with Meow Wolf, the New Mexico School Law Conference, GE, The Los Alamos National Laboratory, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Rancho La Puerta, and Santa Fe Opera.


Professional Development

As an individual who knows the value of Professional Development, you will not be disappointed with the opportunities that improv has to offer.

First, anyone can do this. You don’t have to be an actor or an extrovert. The techniques are geared toward simple yet effective means to develop self-confidence in your physicality, your communication, and your ability to state your professional opinion or ideas with confidence.

If you give lectures, make YouTube videos, have a blog or simply want to make sure you have the best chance of presenting yourself in a way that assures you will be heard, improv will make a difference. Contact us to talk about how we can help.


I am the creative director at a local advertising agency.

I originally started taking improv classes because I felt the need to build new skills in collaboration and idea generation, both vital in this industry. By applying what I’ve learned through my personal practice of improv, I have found new ways to acknowledge ideas coming from my creative team, to build upon them, and to generate innovative solutions for our client’s needs.

To further share my passion for improv with my co-workers, I set up a day-long improv workshop. Everyone had fun and learned basic ways to share ideas in a supportive and generous environment. And it wasn’t just the art directors and copywriters who benefitted—even our bookkeeper took part, and actually brought much enthusiasm to the process.

I truly believe improv would be a great team building experience for any corporate/business group.
— Nick Tauro, Creative director

I was really trying to think about what would really be fun and exciting for staff and what would build our community and Santa Fe Improv seemed like the perfect fit - and it was! I got great feedback from my staff. They loved it. It was the most popular activity of our opening days. It helped us to interact with each other in new ways. We are always working so hard together, and just to play together was very special.
— Stephanie Hubley, Principal, Kearny Elementary