We teach improv comedy to people from ALL walks of life.

Since 2009, Santa Fe Improv has been teaching improv to actors and writers, artists and scientists, students, therapists, lawyers, teachers, retirees, entrepreneurs, and more.

Our goal is not to help you be funny. We’re much more interested in your desire to be present in the moment, to respond based on the here-and-now, to support your improv team, and to have fun! The scenarios that emerge from improv are, mysteriously, almost always comedic. Like kids at play, give an adult the opportunity to leave the worries of the past and future behind for a few hours, and the heart and mind go to a place of joyful irreverence! But more . . .

Our students develop confidence, creativity, communication skills, and teamwork. The play/work of improv always presents an opportunity for personal growth. Likewise, it’s incredibly useful in professional settings, where responding spontaneously and appropriately to issues at hand are important. (And we can’t actually think of a professional setting where that isn’t the case!)

Our program is ideal for anyone interested in challenging themselves with something new, personally satisfying and fun, for creative professionals (actors, writers, artists), as well as for business professionals.

SF Improv has worked with The Los Alamos National Laboratory, Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Rancho La Puerta, Kearny Elementary (a Santa Fe Public School), and hundreds of people in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Los Alamos.



IMPROV FOR TEENS! Our summer camp schedule has just been posted.

Santa Fe Improv is now offering programs for TEENS through our new nonprofit: Santa Fe Performing Arts Collaboration. Sign up for summer camp now and stay tuned for our ongoing weekly class announcement.

Recent studies show that improv not only gives teens a place to come together and have fun, but to develop their listening skills, communication, and presence of mind. Both emotionally and intellectually satisfying, improv opens up the opportunity for a level of awareness frequently illusive in the demanding world of electronics. The benefits for the teen looking to have satisfying and honest relationships based on truthful communication are evident. And to learn to connect and respond spontaneously—to other people and situations—in an atmosphere of fun and creativity is always a good thing!