Since 2009, Santa Fe Improv has been teaching improv to actors and writers, artists and scientists, students, therapists, lawyers, teachers, retirees, entrepreneurs, and more.

Our program is ideal for anyone interested in challenging themselves with something new, personally satisfying, and fun.

Our goal is not to help you be funny. We’re much more interested in your desire to be present in the moment, to be truthful and courageous, to support your team through careful listening, and to play! The scenarios that emerge from improv are, just like life, almost always comedic. Give an adult the opportunity to leave the worries of the past and future behind for a few hours, and the heart and mind go to a place of joyful irreverence! But more . . .

Our students develop confidence, creativity, communication skills, and teamwork. The play/work of improv always presents an opportunity for personal growth. Likewise, it’s incredibly useful in professional settings where responding spontaneously and creatively to issues at hand are important. (And we can’t actually think of a professional setting where that isn’t the case!)

We teach improv comedy to people from ALL walks of life


Our ongoing improv classes are our “Weekly Practice.” Like yoga, meditation, painting or learning any activity that takes commitment, improv is a practice that deepens over time. Weekly Practice requires Introduction To Improv and/or permission from the Director.



Santa Fe Improv is a school, but who doesn’t want to challenge themselves by getting on stage! Every show is different, unscripted and unrehearsed, as our courageous improv teams build worlds from words given to them by the audience. Our performers are all advanced students and teachers at Santa Improv, adept at story-telling and finding the funny in the truth!


You might be wondering if you need to be funny or brilliant to do improv – you don’t. All you need is the desire for fun, challenge, and maybe even change. In our introductory class, you'll explore the fun of learning improv exercises, being present in the moment, working as a team, and laughing together.



April 27th 1:30 - 4:30 pm

Teens are invited for a free taste of improvisation with Santa Fe Improv teachers and students. Come experience some of the games that make improv so much fun! Absolutely no experience necessary. Only the desire and courage to try something new.